Preserving Europe's Last Wilderness

Bastion of

Step into a world where time stands still, where ancient legends mingle with untamed nature, and where the spirit of wilderness still roams freely. Welcome to the Carpathian Mountains, Romania’s last bastion of unspoiled wilderness.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, the Carpathians rise majestically, their peaks piercing the heavens like ancient sentinels guarding the secrets of a bygone era. This vast mountain range stretches its sinewy spine across Romania, and within its embrace lies a world of awe-inspiring beauty and untamed adventure.


A Visionary Foundation

Carpathia is a visionary foundation dedicated to the establishment and preservation of a world-class wilderness reserve in the majestic Southern Romanian Carpathians. This ambitious initiative aims to create a sanctuary sprawling over 250,000 hectares, encompassing the wider Făgăraș Mountains. 

At the core of their mission lies the goal to foster the coexistence of significant numbers of large carnivores and allow natural evolutionary processes to thrive. Upon successful completion of the Carpathia project, the envisioned National Park will stand as an unrivalled symbol of conservation and wilderness preservation in Europe.  

A place where bears, wolves, and lynx still roam free.

Animals in The Carpathians:

Brown Bear

The mighty and majestic brown bear roams the Carpathian Mountains, a symbol of wilderness and strength in the region.

Red Deer

The elegant and regal red deer roams freely in the Carpathian Mountains, a symbol of grace and natural beauty in this pristine environment.


The elusive and social wolf thrives in the Carpathian wilderness, playing a vital role in maintaining ecological balance and harmony.

Red Fox

The cunning and agile red fox gracefully navigates the Carpathian landscape, embodying adaptability and resourcefulness.


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